WIP Play... Oxygen Not Included

We Play.... Into the Breach

We Play... Absolver

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 1

It all starts here!

We begin our much belated Game of the Year discussions with the first three categories, 2017’s 20xx Game of the Year,┬áBest Looking Game and Best VR Thing.

We Play… XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 gets a big expansion that brings a whole new array of ways to kill off your treasured soldiers.

We Play… Subsurface Circular

The new game from Bithell Studios is all about solving a robot murder from the comfort of a metro train, and it’s one of the most unique things I’ve played all year.

We Play… Sonic Mania

No one believed in the myth of a good 2D Sonic game. How wrong they were.

We Play… Pyre

Space slam dunks in space basketball. Or possibly space rugby. Depends who you ask.

We Play… The Final Station

Trains can be harrowing sometimes, but none more than the last train going south in The Final Station.

We Play… Vanquish

The PC re-release of this incredible Platinum shooter gives us a great opportunity to remember how awesome rocket sliding on your knees is.