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Game of the Year 2017 : Wrap Up

Now that it’s all done, we give our final thoughts on our categories and why our winners came out on top.

Game of the Year 2016: Wrap Up

It’s been a great year for games, and a great year for talking about them. As has become a yearly tradition we sat down and tried to decide on the best of the best. I think we were pretty successful.

Game of the Year 2015 Wrap Up

It’s that time of year again, where we decide what really got us excited in 2015, and what left us cold. We came to a few realisations that surprised even us…

GameEngineStart Game of the Year 2014 Roundup

Every year here at GameEngineStart we take a look back at the games that really caught our attention, for better or worse. We sit down with a few drinks and try and put them in some semblance of category and order. Some call it a fruitless task, we call it an interesting Wednesday evening.

Calum’s Game of the Year 2013 List

This year was an interesting one. Many video games were certainly played, as they always are. It`s different now. Now I get to have my opinion on the industry heard on a bi-weekly basis. My thoughts about games themselves are readable by the entire world in my reviews and writings. It`s strange having so much on show all at once. I don`t want to stop now though. I`m having way too much fun. So, on with the list.

Euan’s Game of the Year 2013 List

It’s been an important year for me, mainly cause of all this. I started writing a blog as part of a New Years resolution, which morphed into this site at E3 time. We started recording a podcast which is still great fun. I discovered that talking into a camera while trying to play a game is really difficult, especially when you are terrible at video games.