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Every Game Ever: Batch 1

Sometime in 2016, Danny West noticed that games are examined and reviewed fairly dishonestly. The scores break incredibly high relative to honest reviews of other entertainment mediums and there is a well-documented pattern of low industry integrity for the sake of positive press and sales. Furthermore, the “scores” given to games are all rounded off to some impossibly simple and overstated value—a value without much value at all.

Accordingly, he did the only thing reasonable: He decided to play every game ever and tell us about it. The detailed quantities branded to these games is from a complex formula that doesn’t aim for objective perfection. In fact, the corresponding “score” here isn’t a traditional score at all, but an averaging of all the valuable possibilities that a video game could potentially offer a video game player. It is intended as an admittedly subjective supplement to his thoughts on the game. It is not a gospel declaration of irrefutable value.

You can find the video supplement to this series here.

Ending Endings

It won’t be long before we hit the full decade anniversary of Half-Life 2’s story being unfinished, and every year that goes by without our lust for another instalment being at long last satiated–be it Episode 3, or a full-on Half-Life 3, or a Three’s Company reunion starring Gordon Freeman alongside a holograph of John Ritter–I find myself appreciating the series’ complete lack of closure (or explanation for what the hell its story is even working towards) more and more. The reason for my new-found appreciation for unapologetic loose ends? Simple: Video game endings are so regularly horrible and incompetent that not having one at all is starting to sound like a decent option.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Mistake

The day finally arrived. Endless clamoring, rumormongering, and all-out rampant fanery have finally converged into a singular point in our lives, finally generating a loud and booming storm of inevitability, releasing a downpour of hype and excitement that will flood us all for years before finally drying up and disappointing us all with yet another gaming industry failure.

Final Fantasy VII Remake? Yeah, you could say I’m skeptical.

I was skeptical before, but now I’m downright dismissive altogether.

50 Shades of Play – Sexuality in Gaming

Editor’s Note: Calum – Danny West is a writer and editor at the Magic the Gathering website Star City Games, and is formerly one half of the widely liked Commander Vs video series. In his spare time, he is also a speedrunner of games such as Bioshock Infinite, Donkey Kong Country and Silent Hill 2. I’m glad to call him a good friend of almost a year, after I helped him with some technical problems on his stream, and when he wanted to share some opinions about this hobby we all enjoy, I was more than happy to give him a platform.
You can find Danny on Twitter, and you can join me in watching his speedrunning efforts and high brow chat on Twitch.