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What Happened Last Month – Link Roundup Special

It’s unfortunate that during a time where we didn’t have a lot of videogames to occupy ourselves, the internet decided to go batshit crazy and start becoming whole new levels of disgusting. Watching as developers and critics that you respect being forced out of their homes due to threats on their life is a hard thing to watch, and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

After watching all of this play out, I had some real apprehensions about adding a comments section to the site. Naturally with all of the effort we put into this place, we want people to see and discuss the stuff we do, if for no other reason than to make it better. While we are not exactly a successful and high traffic site (yet), having the ability for people to potentially dump their hatred at the doorstep of something that I love doing was enough to make adding the functionality to the site the bottom of my priority list. The fact that I had to edit a video after it went up because it contained my birthday, just in case someone was to come across and misuse it, was not something I was particularly happy to do. Having to be careful with how much of ourselves we put out there is not something I ever wanted to worry about.

The internet can be a real nasty place, here’s to helping it get better.

What Happened Last Month – May & June 2014

It’s the summer, which means we trade the good weather (ish) for a drought of games. It’s a prime time to catch up on your Steam list (which has surely expanded with the recent sale) or to start looking at indie or Early Access titles, which fill in that yearly gap quite well.

What Happened Last Month – March & April 2014

Guys, E3 is only 6 weeks away, and I don’t know if I’m excited or terrified that it will all be over and I will be left with the feeling I was still far too early to jump on the next gen bandwagon. Even though this is the first generation I am in the financial position to get in on the ground floor, it does still occasionally feel like I am doubting the quality of everything I play on it, or if I am just excited because I have a damn game to play. I’m really hoping that this years expo manages to validate my childish “but look new shiny” attitude.

Also, Last Guardian has to be this year. It just has to be…

What Happened Last Month – February 2014

February was quite a lean month for games, providing a perfect excuse to catch up on the titles that you might have missed. By “missed” I of course mean the games you picked up in the Steam sale that you never got round to. You know you have them. We all do…

We did however see one of the biggest social experiments that the gaming world has ever seen.

What Happened Last Month – January 2014

Here at GameEngineStart, we only really have a small segment on an hour and a half podcast every two weeks to really talk about the important stories that the industry has seen. I felt like this really wasn’t enough to truly go deep into some of these events, which sometimes can be more complicated than we have time to cover. And so lies the point of this series. Every week I am planning to take a few of the bigger headlines and attempt to pull information from all over the intertubes into a more cohesive explanation of what went on. I’ll also post some interesting articles, videos or GIFs that I come across in my travels.

To be honest, really anything that takes my fancy. It’s my series.