We Play... Subsurface Circular

We Play... Absolver

We Play... Sonic Mania

E3 2017: Microsoft E3 Media Briefing Wrap-Up

Microsoft show an impressive and varied offering to convince you to buy the new Xbox One X

E3 2017: EA Play @ E3 2017 Wrap-Up

E3 begins with EA and their usual showing of sports, shooters and Star Wars.

We Play… Tokyo 42

Fancy being an assassin in a world where no-one dies?

Tokyo 42 is the latest from Frozen Synapse developers Mode7, and blends Hotline Miami with an amazing looking open world for you to complete your contracts in. Well worth a look.

Video Correction – Tokyo 42 is out for Steam and Xbox One right now, with PS4 coming soon


WIP Play… All Walls Must Fall – Kickstarter Alpha

Disclosure – Euan has contributed to the Kickstarter for this game.

Neither of us have been in a nightclub in a long time, but I’m pretty sure they were not like this back in our day…

All Walls Must Fall is a mix of Invisible Inc. and XCOM, with a dash of Crypt of the Necrodancer thrown in, and a great cyberpunk vibe through it.

We Play… GNOG

Euan appeases some giant musical faces by playing with their toggles and dials. It’s not as R rated as it sounds, just a great little puzzle game with a cool soundtrack.

We Play… Disc Jam

It wears its influences on its sleeve, but Disc Jam is pretty great on top of that.

Euan and Calum toss the disc around for a bit to see how well it holds up on its own.

Every Game Ever: Batch 1

Sometime in 2016, Danny West noticed that games are examined and reviewed fairly dishonestly. The scores break incredibly high relative to honest reviews of other entertainment mediums and there is a well-documented pattern of low industry integrity for the sake of positive press and sales. Furthermore, the “scores” given to games are all rounded off to some impossibly simple and overstated value—a value without much value at all.

Accordingly, he did the only thing reasonable: He decided to play every game ever and tell us about it. The detailed quantities branded to these games is from a complex formula that doesn’t aim for objective perfection. In fact, the corresponding “score” here isn’t a traditional score at all, but an averaging of all the valuable possibilities that a video game could potentially offer a video game player. It is intended as an admittedly subjective supplement to his thoughts on the game. It is not a gospel declaration of irrefutable value.

You can find the video supplement to this series here.

Game of the Year 2016: Euan’s Top 5

Euan takes you through his favourite games of the year, a list that took much more effort than it probably should have. That’s a good thing right?

Game of the Year 2016: Calum’s Top 5

Calum discusses his top games of 2016. This was probably the hardest year to create an ordered list, and Calum’s list is …varied… to say the least

We Play… Yakuza 0

There is a lot going on in Yakuza 0. So much so that we managed to go for just under an hour without doing any actual Yakuza stuff. That is not a knock against it.