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GameEngineStart Podcast – The E3 Predictions Show

In lieu of an actual podcast this week, the brothers talk about E3. Predictions, suggestions, wild SSX based theories abound ahead of the best weekend on the gaming calendar.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Slice The Pie

We’re 100% European on this show. All the best chats about Eurovision, royal weddings…tea…other things…

GameEngineStart Podcast – Well Made Cardboard

Our hands smell like cardboard (not a euphemism) but there is a podcast to record! Although there’s also this motorbike to build…

GameEngineStart Podcast – A Few Extra Sliders

Calum returns from an intravenous injection straight from slam town. God, I hate that I typed that.

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 5

This is it, the finale!

It all comes down to this. Let’s all sit together and create an arbitrary list of the 5 best games of the year, and crown a winner.

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 4

You know it’s going to be a good discussion when Calum cracks his knuckles as it starts.

As well as talking about some real bad games, we look at the most important news of the year, and the best bit of in-game thespianism. That’s a word right?

GameEngineStart Podcast – No One Dies at Disneyland

Euan feels very old because he doesn’t understand the kids and their Fortnites.

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 3

The deliberations cannot be stopped!

Do you like dope head wear? How about sweet tunes? Nuanced writing and storytelling? We have something for you regardless of your preference!

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 2

We continue with our Game of the Year discussions with two of our favourite categories.

We have our first music category, Best Original Track, and one of the most fascinating chats about the Best Moment in 2017

Game of the Year 2017: Deliberations Part 1

It all starts here!

We begin our much belated Game of the Year discussions with the first three categories, 2017’s 20xx Game of the Year,┬áBest Looking Game and Best VR Thing.