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GameEngineStart Podcast – Space TSA

The Steam sale brought a beaming bounty of software to the brothers.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Hooked

We are back from E3 and we forgot how all of this podcasting business works.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Gates of Youth

Euan feels his future loom over him and Calum laughs at the fact the passage of time affects his brother first!

GameEngineStart Podcast – Full Buffet

One year further on life’s great journey, and Calum is still just playing Persona games. Some things never change.

GameEngineStart Podcast – A Danger To Myself

Euan is in a new studio and Calum didn’t help him get there! Just another day in brotherly comradery.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Medicinals In The Hot Springs

You’ll never see it comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!

GameEngineStart Podcast – Nepotism At Its Finest

In space, apparently everyone can hear you lipsync badly and animate poorly.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Use Every Part Of The Robot

It’s a relentless few months in games, and it’s not slowing down. Let’s get into it.

GameEngineStart Podcast – Dangerous Ariana

We are the champions. Champions.

Game of the Year 2016 Deliberations: Part 2

Calum and Euan end their quest for the Game of the Year broken, beaten and changed men. Not really. They did decided the Biggest News, Best Visuals, Best Soundtrack and finally, the Game of the Year 2016.