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Euan Plays… The Beginners Guide

Euan goes on a journey into The Beginners Guide, one of the most unique games you will play this year.

Euan Plays… Valkyria Chronicles (PC)

Euan marches forth into the PC re-release of this originally Playstation 3 exclusive, a turn-based strategy game set in an anime version of WWII

Euan Plays… The Return of the Obra Dinn

Euan jumps aboard a preview build of the new game from Papers Please developer Lucas Pope.

If you want to try it yourself, download it for free here

Euan Plays… Destiny First Look Alpha

The next game from the people behind Halo had an “Alpha” just after E3, and Euan was lucky enough to get a code to poke around in it.

Euan Plays… Battlefield Hardline Beta

Euan fails miserably at playing the Battlefield Hardline Beta, but hey at least you get a look if you didn’t get in!

Euan Plays… Fract OSC

Euan dives into a synthesiser all Tron like, with music exploration game Fract OSC

Euan Plays… Glitchspace

Euan takes a look at first person visual programming puzzler Glitchspace. Don’t let the “programming” bit put you off, it’s really good

Euan Plays… 7DFPS Game Jam Games

Ever wondered what people can do with 7 days and a task to make an FPS? Euan takes a look at some of the output from last years 7DFPS Game Jam to find out.

Euan Plays… Super HOT

Euan plays Super HOT, a Game Jam game that is getting the internet all a flutter. Subscribe, Like, and Comment if you like what we are doing.…

Euan Plays… Rogue Legacy

GameEngineStart is now on YouTube! As a first video (mainly to test out the recording setup) Euan plays some Rogue Legacy, and gets suitably infuriated at ho…