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We Play… The Final Station

Trains can be harrowing sometimes, but none more than the last train going south in The Final Station.

We Play… Vanquish

The PC re-release of this incredible Platinum shooter gives us a great opportunity to remember how awesome rocket sliding on your knees is.


We Play… Tokyo 42

Fancy being an assassin in a world where no-one dies?

Tokyo 42 is the latest from Frozen Synapse developers Mode7, and blends Hotline Miami with an amazing looking open world for you to complete your contracts in. Well worth a look.

Video Correction – Tokyo 42 is out for Steam and Xbox One right now, with PS4 coming soon


We Play… GNOG

Euan appeases some giant musical faces by playing with their toggles and dials. It’s not as R rated as it sounds, just a great little puzzle game with a cool soundtrack.

We Play… Disc Jam

It wears its influences on its sleeve, but Disc Jam is pretty great on top of that.

Euan and Calum toss the disc around for a bit to see how well it holds up on its own.

We Play… Yakuza 0

There is a lot going on in Yakuza 0. So much so that we managed to go for just under an hour without doing any actual Yakuza stuff. That is not a knock against it.

We Play… Let It Die

You ain’t never seen a free to play game that looks like this before.

Suda51 and Grasshopper make their first foray into the F2P space with the punk-rock roguelike Let It Die. Euan takes a fighter out the freezer and takes Calum to meet Uncle Death and venture up the Tower of Barbs.

We Play… Orwell

Euan takes Calum on a visit to the The Nation, and the information monitoring system that keeps an eye on the populace. Orwell is a unique and fascinating episodic game about surveillance and the ethical minefield of collecting and filtering data on a populace, all wrapped up in an interesting narrative.

We Play… Tyranny

Calum and Euan look at the new cRPG, Tyranny. Calum explains the details of character creation with no previous knowledge, and the importance of facial hair and tattoos on your role playing protagonist.

We Play… Fractured Space

As it turns out, all it takes to get Euan to play anything resembling a MOBA is awesome spaceships. That said, I’m pretty confident that awesome spaceships would get Euan to play anything…