E3 2013 - Nintendo Direct: One for the Fans

Posted by Calum 11 June 2013

With Nintendo choosing to forgo the normal extravagant affair of an E3 press conference this year, they instead decided to hold a more intimate Nintendo direct livestream event for its fans.

What we got was a selection of games that anyone could have guess Nintendo were releasing.


Mr Iwata opened the day with gameplay of Pokemon X/Y, announcing the rumoured Fairy type to be true. They showed 3D battle scenes, and the ability to pet and share interact with your pokemon via facial expressions. More pokemon for you budding trainers out there to look forward to on its release of the  12th of October this year. Enjoy!


Next was Mario`s turn to shine, showing 2 new games from everyone`s favourite Italian plumber. First was a new 3D mario platformer, Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U out in December of this year. Gameplay looked much like the 3DS instalment, including a brand new Cat Suit for Mario, allowing him to jumper higher and pounce mid air.

The second was Mario Kart 8, a new kart racer for the Wii U next year. New to the race is the addition of hover karts, allowing you to race on walls or upside down on the track. Mario kart is always good fun with groups of friends, stay interested if that sounds good for you.

Both Wii Party U and Wii Fit U were then discussed, saying that Nintendo needed more time to add features and make the games as good as they can be. They simply stated that Party U will be out later this year, and Wii Fit U will be out at some point.

Inspired by some of the fantastic drawings on the Miiverse, Iwata then announce a new Art Academy game. The interesting feature is a special mode which allows direct uploading of drawing to the Miiverse. If all those pencil drawings of Yoshi and the sheep from Funky Barn suddenly become more fantastic works of art, this seems like a great idea to me.

Wii U was then given some love by third parties, by have a whole stream of named titles coming tot he platform. These ranged from Assassin`s Creed 4, to Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Watch Dogs. Any support that the Wii U gets can only be good for the console.

To show Nintendo are committed to nurturing the online space, several eShop titles were also announced, including the new Ducktails Remastered game, and the Xbox Live title World of Keflings. Good to see Nintendo is giving more developers a chance on their consoles.


Good news for Zelda fans, Wind Waker HD looks absolutely gorgeous. Nintendo announced that they are adding new changes to aid in exploration of the world, i presume this is fixing the sailing so it isn`t really boring half the time. Coming in October of this year, people should probably play Wind Waker, it is one hell of a Zelda game.

More from Platinum about both of their Wii U exclusives then followed. The Wonderful 101 showed off its “Unite” power, to turn massive groups of characters into swords, guns and other marvellous creations to defeat large monsters attacking their town. They also showed the chaotic looking multiplayer, showing 4 players controlling individual groups of people. Releasing August 23rd, this seems like a fun time to be had on your Wii U.
Bayonetta 2 then had its gameplay reveal, showing the titular dark witch fighting massive creatures in a space-like environment. She also appears to have had a makeover, styling a new costume and shorter hair. Bayonetta 1 was a lot of fun, so I would say this is one to watch in 2014.

A new Donkey Kong game was then announced for 2014, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Vikings have invaded DK`s island, and so he, Diddy and Dixie Kong must venture out to find new islands, presumably filled with Bananas. Gameplay looked much like a Donkey Kong Country game, only now with adaptive camera angles.

The next reveal was the new game by Xenoblade Chronicles developer, Monolith Soft for the Wii U in 2014.The game, simply called X, is an open world action game, feturing mechs which the player can control at certain points. It was one of the most interesting things on the stream, so I will defiantly be looking for new information as it comes.


The stream ended with the news everyone already knew, a new Super Smash Bros game is coming to both 3DS and Wii U. The gameplay footage shown looks like the 3DS version has slightly cell-shaded style graphics, and the Wii U version looks more traditional. Along with the reveal that, yes, it looks like it plays like a Smash Bros game, two new characters were announce. A villager from Animal Crossing, and Mega Man. Both look like interesting additions, however, with Mega Man`s ability to use a selection of his collected boss weapons from previous games, he appears to be a very interesting fighter to play.

This was a chance for Ninentdo to show us what was coming in the next year for fans. What they showed is exactly what most Nintendo fans want, more of the same. New iterations of the franchises they know and love.

While it would have been a real treat to announce new IPs, or a price drop for something, I can`t say I am surprised by Nintendo`s decision.