E3 2013 - Ubisoft Press Event: Growing Up

Posted by Euan 11 June 2013

Last year, Ubisoft shirked their usual position as the “oddity” of the show to come out with a great selection of
games and killing it at the end with the first unveiling of Watch Dogs. They apparently realised that people were
not laughing at them in 2012, and took that template and ran with it, almost to the letter.

Aisha Tyler made a wonderful return to the stage, and whether she was acting or not she provided the suitable
illusion that she wanted to be there while not being completely insane. Every time Ubisoft manage to get a host that
doesn’t make the audience cringe every time they open their mouth (see Mr Caffeine from E3 2011) can be counted as
a massive win for the company.

Shown first was yet another trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. For a game due out in a few months, the lack of
actual gameplay that has been shown so far is worrying to say the least. The trailer they showed was very slick
however, making full use of the expansive theatre screen at the venue, however there was nothing new to impress me
about the game.

The much beleaguered Rayman Legends was brought up to bring some lightness to E3, with their trademark style and
gorgeous 2D worlds and animation. The game should have been out by now, but until it is finally released in
September I will suffice to just watch the happiest game on the planet in both (both!) of the trailers they showed.


The first new blood came in the form of the wonderfully named The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, a Pixar esque fantasy
game heavily inspired by the classic PC Dungeon Keeper games. Mighty Quest currently has the trailer to beat for E3
so far, a legitimately funny Team Fortress 2 style trailer which is well worth a look. The game is free to play for
PC, currently in beta, and I will definitely be taking a look.

South Park: Stick of Truth made another appearance at the presentation, and looks very much like the interactive
episode that a fan would be looking for. The trailer opening with fart based humour, and ending with Cartman in a
wizard hat talking about video game release dates really encompasses what Obsidian are trying to do with the game.


Yves Guillemot made an appearance to talk about a new IP from Ubisoft, the co-op driving game The Crew. Much like
the new Need for Speed shown at EA, The Crew is attempting to merge single and multiplayer games into one, where
every mission in the game can be taken on in a group with other people. Players who are currently playing all over
the game map, which was revealed to be a styled rendition of the whole USA, can meet up to start taking on
missions. Another theme of the conference continued with the ability to customise and mod your car on your other
devices. A lot of this sounds great in theory, but more information is needed to see how this ambition will pan

Watch_Dogs had a remarkably small showing, considering how much buzz there is surrounding the title. Ubisoft showed
another fantastic CG trailer which served the intended purpose of setting the mood for the game, although the lack
of in-game demo was surprising. Hopefully this means there will be more in the Sony conference to see.

Ubisoft showed a trailer for Just Dance 2014. That happened.

The Rabidds made a return in an unexpected way, with the announcement of an interactive animated TV series from
Ubisoft Motion Pictures and Nickelodeon, Rabbids Invasion, exclusive to the Xbox One. The exact form this would
take was not clear, as the interactivity shown looked very much like we are going to get a Rabbids FMV game. This is
not necessarily a bad thing.

Continuing to pay the Ubisoft CG trailer department their due celebration, another impressive Assassins Creed 4
trailer was shown, with all of the required pirate based features you would expect. With no gameplay demos, we were
simply left with in game footage and the need to go Google the music in the trailer, something that seems to be
happening more and more with Ubisoft reels.

After an announcement of two new Trials games, Fusion for next gen and Frontier for mobile devices, Ubisoft did it
again and ended with a show stopper.


Tom Clancys: The Division is a next gen open world third person tactical shooter with RPG leanings, with a
fantastically sinister premise and a visually stunning dystopian world. It hit all of the points that it needed to
hit, tightly knit cooperative gameplay, some gorgeous UI and interface work and some really interesting and varied
approaches to dealing with a situation. With elements of surviving in this world through scavenging equipment and
gleaning informations from your surroundings, and more dynamic integration between single and multiplayer and the
ability to participate from a tablet through drones, this is a fantastically exciting game, and by far the highlight
of the show.

Ubisoft managed to pull of a great show with another fantastic show-stopper to end on, something they are starting to
make a habit of. Their new IP looks great, but the lack of actual in game demos was really disappointing. While I
am consistently impressed by the quality of Ubisofts trailers, I hope that in the future they make full use of the
stage their are given to show what their amazing stable of IP can actually do.