E3 2015: Ubisoft E3 Conference

Posted by Calum 15 June 2015

Ubisoft have, in recent years, been one of if not the strongest conference of E3 week. This year they played their usual tricks. Showing the things you wanted to see from the games you know about and surprising you with the ones you didn’t. Can we also all take a moment to appreciate just how good Aisha Tyler is at the hosting gig? She always just kills it on that stage. Anyway, here`s what went down at the Ubisoft conference.

Starting off with a welcome shock, a follow-up to the amazing first showing for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park series. The perfectly named The Fractured but Whole sees the kids of South Park, including the “new kid” you played in Stick of Truth, starting to play super heroes. Surely strange situations will occur for all involved. The trailer showed a large amount of self awareness from the cast which I am 100% for to get more humour.

Forgoing holding all the new IPs for the end, For Honour charged the stage with Knights, Samurai and Viking all battling it out in tense melee combat. The 1v1 combat looks genuinely intense and calculated. Your character can only take a couple of hits before dying on the edge of a pointed blade. I like me some good melee combat, so i`m all for this move from Ubisoft.

Expansion for two current games with a slightly less serious edge next. The Crew: Wild Run showed monster trucks, dirt bikes and buggies in a desert festival style setting. An EVEN LESS serious edge was Trails Fusion: Awesome Level Max. It was a CG trailer with a squirrel riding a robo-unicorn with fire breathing shooting a gold M9 handgun. Yea, it`s that crazy. Yea, you should probably get it if you own Trails on the 14th of July this year.


The third showing of Tom Clancy’s: The Division revealed the “PvP zone” called the Dark Zone. Here, players are free to team up, but can also turn on one another for the chance at presumably better “contaminated” gear. I say every year that this game looks really impressive, and it remains true in 2015. I`ll be excited to actually play it with the confirmed release date of March 8th 2016.

A shock for PC gamers, with the latest in crazy in depth trade and city building simulator Anno, with Anno 2205. This game goes to space, hopefully providing a better end game than previous Anno games that just end after the creation of the monument. Great little announcement for people like me that care.

Then came the slight dip with Just Dance 2016. Jason Derulo was on stage singing with dancers. They announced a subscription service. Aaaaaaand back to real video games.


Rainbow Six Seige showed that you shall be commanded by non-other than famous actress Angela Bassett. A fantastic move, as she has the exact right voice and gravitas to carry that sort of role. Also shown was the co-op mode “Terrorhunt” A live stage demo suggested that an incredible amount of co ordination and communication will be required to get out of these missions alive. The beta starts on the 26th of September, so you can attempt all this, and player on player action for yourself then.

Next was the latest in the forever insane racing series Trackmania, now with the Turbo subtitle. With 200 created tracks, infinite creation tools and an interest new auto create button, limitless corkscrew turns and massive jumps await fans.

A new CG trailer for Assassins Creed: Syndicate, showing one half of the twin protagonists Jacob Fry beating up cockneys and grappling hooking his way around 19th century London, as the industrial revolution encroaches on the city. A very impressive looking trailer as always from Ubisoft.

The only company to have an “and one more thing” moment, revealing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. An open world, team focused shooter dealing with the dismantling of drugs trade around the world. The gameplay concept trailer showed was a really great little peak at what the game may hold. Keep and eye on it, it`s sure to be interesting.


Ubisoft, again, did a solid job of doing what they do best. Show they`re particular brand of gaming for extended period of time. Long gameplay demos are an absolute treat during the normally pressed for time feel of an E3 conference. Just giving developers time to breathe and actually show you the game makes all the difference.