GameEngineStart Podcast - Ascension

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 23 August 2022

Euan got COVID, so this is the first podcast for a while. He’s fine now, so we’re back to video games

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We Played…

  • Calum writes this part of the post so he gets to type such sentences as “Euan plays a new ‘sad teen game'” We Are OFK, and talks about old favorites GTFO and Boneworks with Metal Gear Solid mods
  • Calum plays out his wrestler fantasy in Rumbleverse and starts a cult (in a video game please don’t ban me) with Cult of the Lamb


  • 1:25 – Euan got COVID
  • 13:55 – We Are OFK
  • 21:34 – Boneworks MGS1 Mod
  • 23:52 – A quick GTFO story
  • 30:29 – Rumbleverse
  • 41:36 – Cult of the Lamb
  • 59:32 – Music Break
  • 1:02:40 – News – Calum runs down the first in-person EVO in a few years.
  • 1:13:34 – News – There is a new Tales from the Borderlands out in October and we forgot it existed. Might be for the best.
  • 1:15:24 – News – Activision Blizzard are at it again, looking very much like they are taking designs from artists and putting them into CoD with no credit or recompense.
  • 1:17:17 – News – The Embracer Group continues to embrace, this time with the entire Lord of the Rings franchise.

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