GameEngineStart Podcast - Bear Swag

Posted by Euan 13 March 2014

Ever seen a grizzly bear take two attractive receptionists up to a penthouse hotel room with a pot of honey? Calum has, and he got a point of insanity because of it.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan finds Calum just chillin’ in Dust: An Elysian Tale, breaks and then rejoins the F2P mechanics of Warframe, and prepares to be destroyed by the internet in Dead Nation: Apocalypse
  • Calum dives into Risk of Rain, cultivates a village in Banished, and finds out that Diablo 3 is actually a really good game now that it’s fixed.
  • The continuing story of Calum’s pen and paper adventures takes interesting bear and (literal) arse-kicking turns. I would listen to that if it was it’s own podcast…

In News…

  • Threes hits Android. Go get it.
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect (June 6), 999 for iOS (March 17) and Persona 5 (2015) all get dated
  • The new Batman game from Rocksteady is announced as next gen only for 2014
  • SquareEnix play good guy publisher and are pretty candid about Thief review scores.
  • South Park shows that even if your game gets cencored, you can still be really funny about it.
  • Nintendo shuts down Wii and DS online services on May 20th. Time to upgrade if you want to keep playing Mario Kart.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros gets a price cut on next gen, and makes the pricing structure even more complicated.
  • Skrillex streams his new album through an Android and iOS game.
  • Register a 3DS and a game in March and get Pokemon X or Y for free.
  • That Tony Hawk game everyone got excited about turned out to be mobile only.

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