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Posted by Euan 08 October 2013

Pokemon has changed over all these years. More importantly, it’s no Digimon, which was clearly a superior product.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Calum gets back into Terraria‘s new update, with all the penguins you can handle
  • Euan digs through a swathe of indie games, including the finale of To The Moon, continuing adventures in Papers, Please? with a side line in Pocket Trains.
  • We talk the terrible and genius nature of Cookie Clicker.
  • Our first encounters with the Oculus Rift leave no doubt that this might be the future of video games.

In News…

  • SteamOS, Steam Machines and the Steam Controller take over the web, and we go “….maybe?”
  • EA actually come clean about putting no effort into Fifa 14 this year on some platforms
  • The new game from the Amnesia people looks real interesting,
  • Stop the presses, Half Life 3 might come out. Except it won’t. Ever.
  • Ubisoft PR flips the finger at PETA over Assassins Creed IV in one of the best press statements ever seen.
  • Atlus is bought by Sega. Does this mean we will actually see the Persona games in the future, or will Sega just use them as a translation house. Who knows.

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