GameEngineStart Podcast - Big Sword

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 21 August 2018

Euan wanted to be in a cat cafe. Instead he recorded a podcast. This is his story.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Stardust Speedway Zone (Act 2) – Tee Lopes, Naofumi Hataya – Sonic Mania (Original Soundtrack) [Selected Edition]

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We Played…

  • Calum explores the new wold of killing dinosaurs in Monster Hunter World, and then goes way back to Planescape:Torment
  • Euan experiences the best game of last year in a new way in Hellblade VR, and runs a cyberpunk bar in The Red Strings Club
  • …and more!

In News…

Intro Music – There It Is – Kevin MacLeod (
Outro Music – Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod (
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