GameEngineStart Podcast - Caffeinated

Posted by Euan 24 June 2014

We settle back into our groove after E3, and throw ourselves headlong into FMV financial crisis simulators, rewinding water towers, and apparently the first indie game Euan doesn’t like.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • While bemoaning the incorrect use of the Greek letters, we talk about the current state of the Destiny Alpha and the Battlefield Hardline Beta.
  • All the pretty art in the world can’t save Entwined from Euan’s ire, but makes up for it with the FMV insanity of Bear Stearns Bravo. 2014 y’all.
  • Calum pretends he was an American 80’s kid in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, lies about his gun-toting exploits in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and the pant wetting elation of Magitek Armour in Final Fantasy 14

In News…


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