GameEngineStart Podcast - Fruit Per Minute

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 25 February 2020

2020 begins and so we begin another year of talking about video games. You’re all ok with that right?

Intermission Music

This World Is Not My OwnBen BabbitKentucky Route Zero Original Soundtrack

We Played…

  • Euan re-enters the virtual realm with Pavlov VR & Zero Caliber
  • Euan also starting playing Arknights. If you’ve seen the adverts, you’ll understand why Calum is concerned.
  • Calum returns to the hunt in the frozen tundra with Monster Hunter: Iceborn and continues much shooting and looting in Apex Legends: Season 4
  • Calum also plays a fascinating early access narrative production game Not For Broadcast. Sounds strange, but just listen.

In The News…

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