GameEngineStart Podcast - Dance Battle

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 21 July 2020

We took a week off to allow more time for games. Sometimes that’s worth it, sometimes that is not. It’s up to you how it will come across this time.

Intermission Music

SUPERHOT (Hyperhot Mix)ZardonicSuperhot: Mind Control Delete Soundtrack – Original Score

We Played…

  • Euan has gone back in time to 2012 with Spec Ops: The Line for purely research purposes, and a brand new release SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete
  • Calum also goes back to 2012 (not planned) with Persona 4: Golden, now on PC
  • We both engage in grown creature based dance battles in Ooblets and once again explore the bizarre world of SWERY with Deadly Premonition 2

Want to jump to something specific?…

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