GameEngineStart Podcast - Dank Nuggs

Posted by Euan 22 July 2014

Hard Carry. BKB. AA Blast. Lane Push. Racks. Denies. Ganking. Last Hit. Stacking Big Camps.

Guess what, The International is happening and we are deep into it. Kinda.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • We record immediately after the The International finals, and talk about it being the closest we have in the industry right now to a real watchable sport.
  • Euan talks Wolf Amongst Us season finale, and how the Walking Dead: Season 2 just can’t stand next to it.
  • Calum burns through the backlog, finishing Burial at Sea and the slow burn success that is Wolfenstein: The New Order, along with falling in love with Divinity: Original Sin.

In News…


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