GameEngineStart Podcast ~ "Don't worry, I know a guy..."

Posted by Euan 23 June 2013

Addiction is a dangerous thing. Especially when you really need coconuts.

Post E3 we get back to the important task of playing games and talking about them. And apparently we talked about them for an hour and a half…

On this episode…

  • Why the best game on the 3DS might be the one that comes with the console.
  • How Fire Emblem tells the story of a young farmhand who grows to kick ass.
  • Calum narcs out his Animal Crossing drug ring.
  • We invent our first Game of the Year category for Gunpoint, “Best Punch Sound Effect”.
  • We talk about the incredible The Last of Us, and it’s amazing mix of beauty and despair.
  • How The Last of Us multiplayer scratches that Counter-Strike itch that Euan didn’t know he had.
  • We discuss the Xbox One DRM reversal, why it happened and what it means for the future of the console.

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