GameEngineStart Podcast ~ Episode 0

Posted by Euan 06 June 2013

Some people refer to it as a pilot.

Some as a trailer.

We refer to it as “Oh hey, that didn’t come out terrible!”


Behold, our test podcast which we put together to see if podcasts are actually a thing we should do. Recorded when we were back in our hometown just over a month ago, on a crappy microphone, and with the low hum of a hoover in the background for some of it. No amount of editing could remove the drone of a Dyson.

We actually liked the end result however, so please enjoy our first podcast, and you can expect many more (and much more polished ones) in the future.

On this episode…

  • DOTA2 and the vileness of the MOBA community
  • The insanity of Metal Gear Rising : Revengence
  • How DmC might be the best game artistically this year, as well as being mental
  • Why The Cave is a great comedy piece but a boring game
  • That Okami HD is worse than Metal Gear Solid for cutscenes
  • Why Spaceteam will cause you to enact violence on your friends
  • More evidence that Bitcoins are the most ridiculous thing ever


Intro Music – There It Is – Kevin MacLeod (
Outro Music – Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod (
Both Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0