GameEngineStart Podcast - Getting Snarky With an AI

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 12 October 2016
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Just breathe people, everything is going to be fine. Distract yourself with video games while 2016 works itself out.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Jeremy Soule – Neverwinter Nights Main Theme – Neverwinter Nights OST

GoG (included with Diamond Edition)

We Played…

  • Oxenfree is a stylish and at points genuinely creepy adventure game, who does teenage conversations right when it’s not interrupting itself.
  • The new game from Spacechem developer Zachtronics has hit early access. It’s called Shenzhen I/O and if messing about with hardware programming is your thing, then you should check it out
  • Being alone in space with an AI that you can actually text chat with makes Event[0] a really unique and effective storytelling mechanic
  • Stardew Valley got a pretty big free update, and more content in that game can only be a good thing
  • If you want to get into the mood for the sequel, Divinity: Original Sin is now even better now that it has had fixes and a whole lot of new voice work.

In News…

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