GameEngineStart Podcast - Getting Snarky With an AI

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 12 October 2016

Just breathe people, everything is going to be fine. Distract yourself with video games while 2016 works itself out.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Jeremy Soule – Neverwinter Nights Main Theme – Neverwinter Nights OST

GoG (included with Diamond Edition)

We Played…

  • Oxenfree is a stylish and at points genuinely creepy adventure game, who does teenage conversations right when it’s not interrupting itself.
  • The new game from Spacechem developer Zachtronics has hit early access. It’s called Shenzhen I/O and if messing about with hardware programming is your thing, then you should check it out
  • Being alone in space with an AI that you can actually text chat with makes Event[0] a really unique and effective storytelling mechanic
  • Stardew Valley got a pretty big free update, and more content in that game can only be a good thing
  • If you want to get into the mood for the sequel, Divinity: Original Sin is now even better now that it has had fixes and a whole lot of new voice work.

In News…

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