GameEngineStart Podcast - Hurdy Gurdy

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 20 February 2018

We all make mistakes. Some ethical, some in our choices in video games. You be the judge at who is worse.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Madeline and Theo – Lena Raine – Celeste OST


We Played…

  • Euan plays The Fall: Part 2, the continuing tale of AIs, Robots and all those future ethical issues.
  • Calum goes back to playing World of Warcraft… look he was bored OK…
  • We both played some Warframe and flew around all crazy like the robot ninjas we are.
  • …and more!

In News…

Intro Music – There It Is – Kevin MacLeod (
Outro Music – Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod (
News Sting – News Intro – Maximilien (
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