GameEngineStart Podcast - Kind Of Like Quidditch

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 08 August 2017

Get in lane and eat some trees, it’s podcast time.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

MainTheme – Epic Games – RoboRecall OST

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We Played…

  • Tacoma, the new sci-fi narrative experience from Fullbright finally released last week. We share our thoughts on this new game by the Gone Home developers
  • Fantasy rugby/basketball/visual novel Pyre was released. If that sounds like a strange mix, we can tell you it is, but a very enjoyable one.
  • Calum played with Euan’s new VR headset, causing Euan to try new stuff like Dead and Buried and I Expect You To Die
  • The International has begun and we give you all the news on the hot strats and team comps with our DOTA expert, Euan*. (*his expertise may be entirely fictional)

In News…

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