GameEngineStart Podcast - "Linkin Park On Top"

Posted by Euan 25 February 2014

There were a few points this episode where we forgot we were recording a podcast, and just reminisced for a while. Then again if you aren’t expecting that by now, I don’t know why you are still listening…

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan finds The Castle Doctrine lacking slightly, but not as much as The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind. He might be the only person in the world who really didn’t like it.
  • Calum has adventures in hardware with the trials and tribulations of PC upgrading. Turns out 3mm can make all the difference. No jokes. Please.
  • We recount our adventures in the Titanfall beta. It’s great, but remember it’s still a FPS almost exclusively populated by horrible internet denizens.
  • The Threes soundtrack is really great. You should listen to it

In News…

  • There is a new Sonic game, and they have already lost us at the trailer. yourself[youtube=]
  • The Xbox One is getting a price drop to £399 in the UK only. Smart move with Titanfall on the horizon
  • Irrational Games, makers of Bioshock Infinite, downsized to just 15 people and Ken Levine. The rest of the video game industry swoops in to help those layed off
  • Square-Enix missed the point of Free to Play, and completely butchers the Tales of Fantasia mobile remake
  • The “Year of Luigi” ends on March 18. Pity, it’s been such a great year for Nintendo *cough*
  • Harmonix are making a music based FPS called Chroma. Sure, why not.
  • Assassins Creed is getting a Mega Bloks set. Yeah I said “huh?” too…
  • The Evil Within will attempt to scare your nuts off on current and next gen on the 26th August
  • Nintendo continues to be crazy in the best way with Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, a free download where you can haggle with an in game character to reduce the real world price of more minigames. I support you 100% Ninty. In this at least.

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