GameEngineStart Podcast - My Body Is Ready

Posted by Euan 29 April 2014

Tomodachi Life might be the greatest video game ever created, and we have only seen the announcement trailer. Maybe it’s not even a game? Maybe it’s art? Maybe it doesn’t actually exist and was all a wonderful dream…

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Tomodachi Life enters our lives and our hearts, and we both hope it never leaves.
  • Euan dives Tron style into a synthesizer in Fract OSC, can’t decide if he should be disappointed by Trials Frontier and tracks down paper manipulating superheroes in the Infamous DLC
  • To distract himself from revision, Calum goes back to older games by playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, walking through his shiny spaceship in Star Citizen, and punching people with a human saxophone in Skullgirls

In News…

  • They actually found those ET carts in the New Mexico Desert
  • Earth: Year 2066 gets Greenlit on Steam, and everyone wonders how such an abomination managed it.
  • Snoop Dogg voices an announcer pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, with accompanying cannabis leaf weapon camo pack. Sure.
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth is announced, and is a new Alpha Centauri in everything but name
  • Martin O’Donnell, long time Bungie composer is “terminated without cause”
  • Star Citizen hits $42 million, adds towels
  • Below, the roguelike from Capy is hitting Steam as well as Xbox One
  • Transistor comes out on May 20th
  • Johnny Gat will be in Divekick: Addition Edition Plus
  • Xbox One hits Japan on September 4th

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