GameEngineStart Podcast - Overhead Throw

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 18 January 2017

It’s 2017 y’all, so lets talk about the Nintendo Switch and … well … Destiny…

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Sojourner’s Truth – Lyndon Holland – Virginia OST

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We Played…

  • Since he picked up a PlayStation 4, Calum finally gets to experience Uncharted 4, and now understands the cries of people who much maligned Destiny at launch.
  • Euan finally had a chance to get deep into Hitman, and is tremendously impressed
  • Obduction has some of the best FMV use in a game in a while, especially since it’s otherwise a glorious looking 3D adventure game
  • The demo for NeiR: Automata appears to be pretty cool, but shows that Furi might have ruined this style of games for us.

In News…

  • The Nintendo Switch is out on March 3rd, £270, and while a lot of the presentation was positive, a lot of extra details surrounding it still seem unanswered or just plan bad.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming March 21st
  • Elite: Dangerous players have finally found aliens, and it’s a terrifying experience.
  •  The Titanfall 2 Twitter account is taking an…active… approach to directly engaging with people.
  • Swery65 is back with a new studio, White Owls, which looks to be getting involved with VR and books, as well as games.
  • Razer showed off an insane 3 screen 4k laptop at CES, which ended up getting stolen at the end of the event.
  • …and more!
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