GameEngineStart Podcast ~ Pipe Tobacco

Posted by Euan 09 September 2013
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Another hour and half dose of the classiest video game podcast on the intertubes.

At no point during this episode to we talk about the physical reaction involved in a shot to the testicles. Definitely not in the first 5 seconds.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Saints Row IV arrives on our PCs, and continues it’s long tradition of being the smartest dumb game you will ever play.
  • Euan talks about how the scourge of  micro-transactions permeates even Need for Speed:Most Wanted.
  • Calum gets his arcade flying on in War Thunder.
  • We talk indie gun-simulator Receiver, the virtues of the Lego games, and the surprisingly decent Puppeteer demo
  • Watch_Dogs continues to excite us with it’s multiplayer “drop into someone’s game and mess with people” concept

In News…

  • Xbox One gets a release date. Next gen fight AHOY!
  • The announcement of the Nintendo 2DS only makes us ask “what the hell are Ninty doing?”. Like we weren’t already…
  • Old games come back with Timesplitters Rewind, and new games become old games with the Homeworld IP finding a good home.
  • Like Megaman? The creator has a Kickstarter for his new one.


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