GameEngineStart Podcast ~ Pipe Tobacco

Posted by Euan 09 September 2013

Another hour and half dose of the classiest video game podcast on the intertubes.

At no point during this episode to we talk about the physical reaction involved in a shot to the testicles. Definitely not in the first 5 seconds.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Saints Row IV arrives on our PCs, and continues it’s long tradition of being the smartest dumb game you will ever play.
  • Euan talks about how the scourge of  micro-transactions permeates even Need for Speed:Most Wanted.
  • Calum gets his arcade flying on in War Thunder.
  • We talk indie gun-simulator Receiver, the virtues of the Lego games, and the surprisingly decent Puppeteer demo
  • Watch_Dogs continues to excite us with it’s multiplayer “drop into someone’s game and mess with people” concept

In News…

  • Xbox One gets a release date. Next gen fight AHOY!
  • The announcement of the Nintendo 2DS only makes us ask “what the hell are Ninty doing?”. Like we weren’t already…
  • Old games come back with Timesplitters Rewind, and new games become old games with the Homeworld IP finding a good home.
  • Like Megaman? The creator has a Kickstarter for his new one.


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