GameEngineStart Podcast - Poor Quality Cats

Posted by Euan 13 February 2014

With the addition of two special guests this weeks episode goes to some strange places, including bags of penny whistles and boxes full of Pokemon. It’s all the better for it.

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan talks new Wolf Amongst Us, and actually starting down a comic book based hole
  • Calum regails us with stories of his adventure into…adventuring, with his first experience of table top role playing. With a team like he describes, they will either not make it past the first encounter or go down in legend.
  • Special guest Dave makes a case for Call of Duty: Ghosts not being as bad as it has been made out to be, while simultaneously playing FTL
  • Equally special guest Jordan provides a first hand account of the first months with an Xbox One, with Forza Drivatars being dicks and Battlefield 4 actually becoming almost playable.
  • Euan and Calum both share their experience with Jazzpunk, a game very difficult to sell to people without spoiling the amazing sense of humour. You should really go buy it though

In News…

  • Dungeon Keeper sets the internet on fire with it’s F2P nonsense and app store review hijinks
  • Flappy Bird explodes, and takes it’s creator with it.
  • Call of Duty is now the responsibility of three studios, giving each three years to make a game.
  • Remember last year when retail store GAME was on the ropes? Turns out they are doing well enough to open a new chain specializing in used games and electronics. Colour me surprised.
  • Amazon buys Killer Instinct devs Double Helix, presumably for their rumoured Android based console.
  • Microsoft acquires Gears of War from Epic. Apparently even they were getting tired of it…
  • Nintendo rolls back it’s Wii U predictions, and Iwata takes a pay cut
  • Ghost detective game Murdered: Soul Suspect goes next gen in June

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