GameEngineStart Podcast ~ Popcorn and Video Games

Posted by Euan 07 July 2013

We talk about a surprising amount of movies for a video game podcast, but at least they are video game related…

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On this episode…

  • Calum gives us an update on his Animal Crossing town
  • We discuss how jumping from Last of Us to Tomb Raider is a terrible move for your psyche
  • After finally conquering Borderlands 2, we give props to how the final boss is infinitely better than the first games.
  • We talk the terrible Silent Hill movie and how Cabin in the Woods is linked to video games
  • An explanation of Steam Gifts, and how you should all get involved with it
  • Project X Zone blows Calum’s mind with it’s combination of tactics, action combat and insanity.
  • We talk Don Mattrick, LoveFilm, Ouya, and a Outcast revival in news.

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