GameEngineStart Podcast - Pressured

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 21 April 2020

There’s only really one game to talk about this week. Strap in for a focused one!

Intermission Music

Train RushPascal Michael StiefelA Hat in Time (Original Game Soundtrack)

We Played…

  • It’s Final Fantasy 7: Remake discussion time. We spend a long time talking about every part of this game that we can.

In The News…

  • The first new game from League developers Riot has been in closed beta, and on top of some hilarious initial bugs, people have found that their anti-cheat protection is a kernel-level driver that runs all the time even when the game is not active
  • There is a new XCOM game dropping on Friday. Euan has taken the day off.
  • If you were to pick a game franchise that would cause a digital fist fight between the developers and the IP holders, Cooking Mama is not in the top 10.
  • Bloomberg is reporting that there will be fewer PS5s available at launch than PS4s, but due to a higher than expected price rather than for COVID reasons.
  • …and more
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