GameEngineStart Podcast - Rarely A Good Thing

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 05 September 2017
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Euan’s too exhausted to do anything except sit in a room with a microphone and talk about video games. Wait, that’s every two weeks here. Oh well, thing’s never change.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Red Flag – Dan le Sac – Subsurface Circular OST


We Played…

  • Euan played a whole bunch of things with his week off. Finishing Horizon:Zero Dawn, trying a lot of new VR Stuff, starting a new season of Life is Strange:Before the Storm. He, however, spent most of his time fighting off alien kidnapping in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.
  • Calum looks to his past with Sonic Mania, and investigates new martial arts RPG Absolver

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