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Posted by Euan 04 December 2013
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The next gen is here, and almost instantly it feels like it had always existed. But hey, video games!

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan talks at length about the Playstation 4, the midnight launch, the hardware and software in the box, and the experience of being there on day 1.
  • The PS4 plays games too, Assassins Creed 4 seems pretty great, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is exactly what you want from a Lego game, and Warframe is potentially interesting, but needs some real time devotion
  • Calum dives back into Skyrim to explore the mod community, and the most impressive is the one you least expect.
  • We share nostalgic stories about Laser Tag, and how ridiculous in concept it is.

In News…

  • PS4 had it’s launch issues, and so did Xbox One
  • Twitch streaming from PS4 starts incredibly awesome and goes exceptionally sinister in the space of 72 hours.
  • John Carmack leaves ID Software to go full time with Oculus.
  • Saints Row 4 has Xmas DLC, and it’s exactly what you want from Saints Row.
  • Atlus announces a swathe of Persona games, including a 3DS dungeon crawler, a dancing game, and a rerelease of the fighting game. Oh, and Persona 5. For PS3. In Winter 2014. Oh Atlus…

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