GameEngineStart Podcast - Shitty Dwarves

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 30 August 2016

Axes and magic just cant compete with hacking and robot arms. Apparently this is a controversial opinion.

On this episode…

Intermission Music…

Tomoki Miyoshi – Frozen Highlights – I am Setsuna Official Soundtrack Collection: Winter’s End

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We Played…

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is finally here, and we are really enjoying it.
  • Euan finally gets his first VR experience, pilots awesome robots in Titanfall 2, and is very excited by the demo of the Fargo-esque Virginia.
  • Calum continues with last weeks card games and JRPGs with Elder Scrolls: Legends and I am Setsuna, and serves his purpose as GameEngineStart MOBA editor by giving some opinions on Paragon

In News…

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