GameEngineStart Podcast ~ So Squirrels, eh?

Posted by Euan 21 July 2013

We know the title will make no sense to anyone except us, but we thought it was funny.

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Spoiler Warning

This episode does contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3 between 6:30 -> 11:05

On this episode…

  • 400 Days prompts a discussion how Euan is apparently terrible at video games.
  • Euan experiences Fez for the first time, and explains the difference between weird and weird.
  • There is a revelation that Calum plays the Total War games, and attempts to explain how they work online.
  • Again, Calum tries to comprehend Project X Zone now that he has the full version
  • Euan talks about iPad games, and the shame of enjoying Disney’s Wheres My Water?
  • We talk about how Murdered: Soul Suspect sounds surprisingly interesting for a game that has such a terrible title.
  • In news we cover LoveFilm killing game rentals, DiveKick’s release date, an EVO  update and the insane Smash Brothers debacle


Half Life 2 Speedrun

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