GameEngineStart Podcast ~ Special Place

Posted by Euan 21 October 2013

Be careful, if Calum wants you to be his friend, he may try to rub your special place and feed you cake. Just saying…

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan rediscovers XCOM and muses on the Beyond : Two Souls demo
  • Calum goes all in on Pokemon X & Y along with revisiting Neverwinter Nights about 10 years too late
  • The Stanley Parable charms, confuses and entertains us with it’s bizarre fourth wall commentary.

In News…

  • Watch Dogs, The Crew and Driveclub all get delayed to 2014, causing panic for some PS4 pre-orders.
  • Double Fine’s new Early Access title lets you run a Spacebase. Our ears are instantly peaked.
  • Ellen Page has a naked texture in Beyond : Two Souls. No-one is surprised.
  • Sportsfriends comes to PS4, we get more excited about that game.
  • More footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 appears, resulting in amazing GIFs like…

Choo choo, motherfuckers.
Taken from KnowYourMeme

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