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Posted by Euan 21 October 2013
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Be careful, if Calum wants you to be his friend, he may try to rub your special place and feed you cake. Just saying…

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan rediscovers XCOM and muses on the Beyond : Two Souls demo
  • Calum goes all in on Pokemon X & Y along with revisiting Neverwinter Nights about 10 years too late
  • The Stanley Parable charms, confuses and entertains us with it’s bizarre fourth wall commentary.

In News…

  • Watch Dogs, The Crew and Driveclub all get delayed to 2014, causing panic for some PS4 pre-orders.
  • Double Fine’s new Early Access title lets you run a Spacebase. Our ears are instantly peaked.
  • Ellen Page has a naked texture in Beyond : Two Souls. No-one is surprised.
  • Sportsfriends comes to PS4, we get more excited about that game.
  • More footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 appears, resulting in amazing GIFs like…

Choo choo, motherfuckers.
Taken from KnowYourMeme

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