GameEngineStart Podcast - Spooky Season

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 12 October 2021

As a title suggests, spooky season approches. That means there are video games to talk about and the slow march of time to worry about for one of us.

Intermission Music

Evil EyeSimon ViklundPAYDAY 2 Official Soundtrack

We Played…

  • Euan played a Bunch of Demos and focuses on Pony Island developers new deckbuilder GameDec. Yes that was a weird sentence to write
  • Calum reverts to type in playing CCG Legends of Runeterra and has to see what the deal with Genshin Impact is and leads to a wider discussion of the “Gatcha” genre


  • 2:55 – Game of the Year Starts Early
  • 10:29 – Euan played a load of demos
  • 15:59 – No-one Lives Under The Lighthouse
  • 18:05 – Gamedec
  • 30:39 – Music Interlude
  • 34:34 – Legends of Runeterra
  • 49:50 – Genshin Impact

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Outro Music – Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod (
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