GameEngineStart Podcast - Star Wipe

Posted by Euan 21 January 2014

It’s a new year, we are officially in the future, and we start it with point and click adventure games, fencing simulators and running away from zombies. War never changes…

On this episode…

We Played…

  • Euan glows about Broken Age and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, despite not being able to talk about why they are amazing
  •  Calum tells us that Deadpool is worth playing despite a mediocre game, and that the standalone release of DayZ has managed to preserve most of the jank from the mod. Which is good to hear.
  •  Nidhogg takes over our collective brains. Throwing swords at each other has never been so fun.

In News…

  • Remember when EA said they couldn’t add an offline mode to SimCity, and that it was impossible? Well they went and did it. About 6 months after anyone would care.
  • Sony announce their Gaikai based streaming service, Playstation Now.
  • Valve finally drops some details on their Steam Machines, which simultaneously ripping the touch screen out the controller.
  • Nintendo pretty viscously slashes their WiiU sales predictions on top of publishing a substantial loss.
  • The Last of Us DLC drops on Valentines Day. Appropriate.
  • Episode 2 of The Wolf Amongst Us gets a date.
  • Retail outlet GAME are still alive, and are doing pretty damn well due to next gen and GTAV
  • Square Enix horribly botch their release of Final Fantasy VI for mobile.
  • Turns out Zumba was doing pretty well for Majesco, so it’s no wonder their stock dropped when they walked away from it

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