GameEngineStart Podcast - Steel Battalion Escape Room

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 15 February 2022

Since everything got delayed last year, the next few months are about to get real busy.

Intermission Music

Into AsgardSam Houghton and Joe Collinson BPM: Bullets Per Minute (Original Game Soundtrack)

We Played…

  • Calum martial arts some fools in Sifu, and confirms that he’s pretty good at Final Fantasy XIV
  • After messing with Apex for the first time in 6 months, Euan does some rhythm action John Woo in Pistol Whip, then pilots a steampunk mech with no manual both in and out of VR with Nauticrawl and A Rogue Escape


Intro Music – There It Is – Kevin MacLeod (
Outro Music – Honey Bee – Kevin MacLeod (
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