Old Ass PC Games - The Riddle of Master Lu - Part 3

Posted by Euan 25 October 2018
Its 1936, and Robert Ripley, world adventurer, must stop a mystical talisman from falling in the wrong hands and dooming the world.

We finally hit our limit with this piece of history, so please enjoy the last Master Lu episode! We start by creating a very elaborate trap to explode some familiar faces, head to Sikkim via Danzig to solve the most obscure mechanical puzzle I’ve ever seen in a video game, and then end with a short trip back to Lima to cross a VERY rickety looking bridge and give up. We also get scammed. Like we have been by most of this game…

We return the weird and wonderful world of PC games from our youth, and show you the ones that you probably haven’t herd of, but we spent a lot of time with.

Euan starts afresh with the 1995 FMV adventure game The Riddle of Master Lu, and is determined to see the rest of the game past the first hour that he played over and over again as a kid.

This was recorded live on Twitch, as will the rest of the series. Keep an eye on our Twitter or Facebook for updates.