Old Ass PC Games: Blade Runner - Part 1

Posted by Euan 25 September 2019
A point and click adventure game released in 1997. Players control rookie Blade Runner, Ray McCoy, in a story which runs parallel to that of the film of the same name.
Old Ass PC Games: Blade Runner

The year is 1997, and the developers of Command and Conquer released a adventure game based on Blade Runner, 15 years after the original movie. It's been a few years since Euan last played it, so let's see if it holds up?

We return the weird and wonderful world of PC games from our youth, and show you the ones that you probably haven’t herd of, but we spent a lot of time with.

Blade Runner was released in 1997, and tells a new story in the same world as the 1982 movie. Ray McCoy begins with a case of Animal Murder, which gradually becomes something much bigger. The game was known for not only capturing the feel of the movie, but also the multiple paths and endings determined by your investigation and how you approach the characters throughout.

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