WIP Play... Exapunks

Posted by GameEngineStart Staff 06 September 2018
Hacking puzzle game from Zachtronics.

Wait, this is both Cyberpunk AND programming? Don’t worry, Euan has got this one.

NOTE – I realised after this video went up that EXAPUNKS was, at time of recording, actually in Early Access. Rather than re-editing the video, I will just move it to the right playlist and fix the name. Apologies! -Euan

EXAPUNKS is the new puzzle programming game from Zachtronics, developers of SpaceChem, Opus Magnum, Shenzen I/O among others. Code your EXA units to do everything from getting you a free pizza, to stealing data from a sketchy ass looking Russian server. All of this is tied together with some great style and a story that looks like it is going somewhere really interesting.